Comprehensive Partnership Requirements

At Berngo Safaris, LLC, we are dedicated to fostering partnerships that embody our core values of ethical standards, trust, credibility, conflict resolution, customer care, licensing, website presence, contact information, business logo, and liability insurance. These requirements are essential to creating a collaborative and ethical business environment. Prospective partners are expected to meet the following criteria:

Ethical Standards:

Adherence to high ethical standards in all business activities, promoting transparency, integrity, and responsible conduct.
Commitment to conducting business ethically and legally, aligning with international and local regulations.

Trust and Credibility:

A proven track record of trustworthiness and credibility within the travel and hospitality industry.
Positive references and recommendations from previous clients or partners.

Conflict Resolution:

Willingness to engage in conflict resolution through fair and transparent processes.
Establishment of a clear and mutually agreed-upon dispute resolution mechanism.

Customer Care:

Commitment to providing exceptional customer care, including responsiveness, clear communication, and a focus on customer satisfaction.
Regular customer feedback mechanisms and a dedication to continuous improvement.


Possession of all necessary licenses and certifications relevant to the partner's operations in the travel and tourism industry.
Compliance with safety, health, and environmental standards.

Website Presence:

A professionally designed and user-friendly website representing the partner's brand and services.
Accurate and up-to-date information about products, services, and contact details.

Contact Information:

Clear and easily accessible contact information, including a designated point of contact for partnership-related inquiries.
Prompt responsiveness to communication from Berngo Safaris, LLC.

Business Logo Requirement:

Submission of a high-resolution business logo that adheres to professional design standards.
Permission for Berngo Safaris, LLC, to use the partner's logo in collaborative marketing efforts.

Liability Insurance:

Possession of liability insurance coverage to mitigate potential risks associated with the partner's operations.
Provision of proof of insurance and compliance with mutually agreed-upon coverage levels.

Signup on Berngo Safaris, LLC:

Completion of the partnership signup process on the Berngo Safaris, LLC platform.
Provision of accurate business information, including services offered, geographical reach, and any specializations.

Annual Review and Improvement:

Commitment to an annual review of the partnership's performance to identify areas for improvement and celebrate successes.
Openness to feedback and a collaborative approach to enhancing the overall partnership.

Partners who meet these requirements will join Berngo Safaris, LLC in creating a network of ethical, reliable, and customer-focused businesses in the travel and tourism sector. This collaborative effort aims to elevate the industry and provide exceptional experiences for our clients.